Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Hand Cream Collection

This post is inspired by a little Twitter chat I had with the lovely Jenny from Caramel and Cats! It got me thinking that I really do have so many products squirrelled away, particularly hand creams! I seem to have accumulated a fair few that have been stashed away in various locations in the flat. I think the problem is that I can always justify buying them as my hands can get in an awful lizard like state. I blame working in a school, They never feel clean when you're around 30 6/7 year olds whose hand washing routine is dubious at best!
I thought I would do a brief round up of all the ones I have found and share some thoughts on each.

Apologies, I got confused and they're not actually in order! I'm sure you can recognise each one though! 

  1. Betty & Walter Elderflower and Lemon- I got this at Christmas in 2012 from Boots so it's getting on now! I really haven't used much of this and I don't know why as it's not bad at all. It smells lovely (elderflower is another fave of mine) and isn't overly greasy. It's a whopping 150ml tube too so I think I need to get cracking with this one! 
  2. Derma V10 24/7 Dry Skin Cream- I think I got this from a pound shop. This is the one I tend to use when my hands are really sore and cut up, as it's basic and 'bland' enough not to irritate them further. It's a bit greasy but does the job when you desperately need something unscented.
  3. Soap & Glory Hand Food- Now this is the one I can't really use when my hands are bad due to it being so highly scented. I actually really like the scent but it is strong. This works really well when my hands are just a little dry and I can see a difference quickly. I forgot I had this tube hidden away but I think I'll save it until I've used up some of the others!
  4. Ted Baker- This one was of my birthday presents this year and I used it for the first time last night. It smells really good! It contains rose and sandalwood as well as shea butter with 'a twist of raspberry'. It's too soon to say much about the formula but it wasn't greasy and I like it so far. 
  5. Soap & Glory Endless Glove Moisture Mask and Hand Cream- I think this has the 'Fruitigo' scent which makes a nice change from their trademark one which can get a bit much! This is a bit heavier than Hand Food and has more 'slip' if that makes sense. This is definitely more of a night cream but I have used it on the back of my hands during the day. This one is nearly finished but I'm not sure if I'd repurchase just yet. 
  6. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5- I got this on clearance at Boots for something ridiculous like £3! Again this is a good 'bland' cream that won't further aggravate skin. It has a thick texture but it spreads out well and doesn't take too long to sink in. This is another one I prefer to put on at night. 
  7. Aldi Lacura Hydro-Urea Hand Cream- Now I can't tell you much at all about this one as I've only used it once and can't really remember it. What I do know is that it's thick and contains urea, dexpanthenol and glycerine. Not one of the lightest ones I own! 
  8. I love..Vanilla & Ice Cream- This was an impulse buy from Home Bargains as it was really cheap- less than 50p I think. As it turns out I'm not a big fan of the scent so it'll probably stay languishing in a draw until I'm desperate. 
  9. Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Hand Cream -Another one that is nearly finished and has served me well. You've got to be really careful not to put too much of this on, as it'll never sink in, but it is effective and long lasting. It claims to last a hand wash which I think it does-handy when you wash your hands as much as I do. It has a strong scent which is possibly a bit too intense! 
  10. Sweet Snuggles Chocolate Vanilla Hand Cream- I think this is from Superdrug and I recieved it last Christmas. This has a pleasant, though artificial, chocolately scent which reminds me of my Chocolate Moose soft toy I have at home. Anyone else have one of these? Where the nose smells? 
  11. Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme- Now I've had this for yonks! It's so dense though  it may well be immortal. It's definitely the richest cream I own. I used to apply this at night then put on cotton gloves, which works a treat. This doesn't work well as a day cream for me as it's just too greasy. I haven't used this for ages but I think I'll have to soon before it turns weird! It smells like foam banana sweets which I don't actually like to eat but like the smell of! 
  12. The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream- Contains mango seed oil, sinks in quickly and is just a joy to use. 
  13. L'Occitane Jasmine Hand Cream- I think this was a Glamour freebie and I'm sadly down to the last few dregs. Again this is rich and better suited for use before bed. I love the jasmine scent and it feels very luxurious. I hope Glamour bring these back again soon! 
So yes, as you can see I have a bit of a problem! 
What are your fave hand creams? Not that I need anymore for a while! 

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