Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Essence Maximum Volume Mascara

I bought this mascara quite a while ago now, when the stands first appeared at Wilko, but it's only now that I've been using it properly. I've got a bad habit of having too many mascaras on the go, so I thought it was about time I stuck with it. I just can't resist trying them as soon as I get a new one!
I've been using this since I've been back at work and I'm pretty pleased with it. Especially considering it's only £2.80! It's quite a thick formula so it can clump if you're too heavy handed, however it does give my lashes lots more volume as well as more of a curl. It's ticking a lot of boxes for my short, fairly straight lashes! The innovative 'reservoir brush' is different to what I've seen before, but I do think this contributes to the occasional clumping. It's a good size for me though and I don't find it too messy to use. I really don't get with jumbo brushes!Thankfully with this one I can get to all my lashes without smearing it all over my lids. Removal is standard. It's not ridiculously stubborn so all's well. 
For a budget mascara I've been impressed! It works much better than some mascaras four times the price!

Have you got any budget mascara recommendations? 


  1. I always walk past this in Wilkos, i think it's my next purchase!
    Love Vicki x

  2. Need to buy more essence not been to one of their stands in Wilkos yet this is def worth a try
    Carrieanne x

    1. I'm proud I've been pretty restrained so far! Though haven't visited it in a while..haha