Saturday, 30 August 2014

Popin' Cookin' Waffle DIY Candy Kit

Tonight, I finally set about doing this kit after buying it about 2 weeks ago at Cyber Candy in Birmingham. I love that shop and I spent an embarrassing amount of money on what is essentially just sugar! I have such a sweet tooth though and I love trying all the sweets I've read about on blogs and whatnot, especially the American and Japanese ones. I first heard of the Japanese DIY candy kits when I watched one of Shell's YouTube vids on them (I also love her blog Shell Senseless- take a look!) and I really wanted to have a go myself! They didn't have a lot of choice in Cyber Candy, I think there was only about two, but I had to have the waffles as they looked so damn cute! It was quite pricey at about £4 odd but it was a case of just having to have it! If you've tried these kits before I'd be interested in knowing where you get them from! Ebay or Amazon I'm guessing?
Anywho, tonight was the night I finally tackled it and overall I think they turned out ok! I watched a YouTube vid along the way but I still managed to fudge up a part of it-obviously wasn't listening well enough! I was a bit daunted initially as there is no English instructions on the packet but it's actually pretty simple once you watch a 'tutorial' as such. With this one I just had to cut the different pieces out then add 1 measure of water ( '5cc')  to half of the waffle powder (this was where I went wrong, I just dumped the whole sachet in then wondered why it was so dry and overflowing!) then repeat with the other half. You then put the two waffle blobs into the heart shaped waffle mould/ press thingy, coo at how cute they look when they come out, and then get started on making the berries, sauce and cream. For this part I just had to add one measure of water to each of the powders. There is a mould to use for the 'berries' but I found it really hard to get them out, so in the end I just put little blobs on using the stirrer-it was quite jelly like so worked fine! I then drizzled the strawberry sauce over them, placed a few berries on top and dolloped on some of the 'cream'. There was quite a lot of fiddling involved with the waffles thanks to my slight error. In the end I had to decant it into a normal bowl as it was spilling out all over the place and wasn't mixing up properly, and I did have to resort to using my hands to sort of squidge it up! My hands were very clean, but it's still probably best not to share! It got a tad messy but hey, it was fun, and they did look rather adorable when they were all finished. As for the taste? Well it was certainly different and unlike anything I've ever had! Don't expect them to taste like regular waffles. You will be disappointed! They were pleasant enough though, in a rather weird way! I shall definitely be on the look out for other kits to try- any recommendations are welcome!

Got a craving for some proper waffles now!


  1. This one is definitely on my 'to do' list! I've found the best place to get the candy kits is Oyatsu Cafe (I have a link on my blog) That's where I get most of mine, they are the cheapest prices I can find :) Thanks for the mention x

    1. Oo thanks for that! I'll have to have a nosey- need to do more now! No probs, you've got a great channel and blog :)

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