Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer Bargains!

Another chilled out day for me today, with not a lot to do, so I thought I would share with you what I have bought lately. As is always the case, I probably didn't need a lot of this, but hey, least it was cheap!

Firstly, I bought this floral snood style scarf from Peacocks for £2.50. I love scarfs, and wear them all the time at work when it gets a little colder. This floral design should go with a lot of outfits too. In Primark I found this brown waist belt for a quid. I was sort of annoyed I'd found it, as I was looking for something like this to wear with my dress last Saturday, for the wedding. I got it anyway as the occasion may arise again when I need a belt like this. Though sods law I'll need a black one next time! It's probably a good job I didn't get it in time for the wedding though, as it's a bit of the snug side! A sign I need to lay off the sweets soon perhaps?! Yesterday I had a look at the sale items in New Look, and came away with this aqua tshirt for £3. Basic but it'll do with jeans. I'm not very trendy!

In TK Maxx the other day, I tried to be good and not buy the Nails Inc set I saw, containing my beloved Baker Street. But I was weak and went back the next day to get it. I love Baker Street and get loads of compliments when I where it. The other shades are St James (red), Cambridge Terrace (silver) and Donmar (gold flake topcoat). All these for £7.99 is a steal in my opinion! 

In Poundland I spotted this lone Rimmel Apocalips. I don't need another lip product. I already have an Apocalips in another shade that I haven't worn in ages. But such is life. Especially when it's still being sold for £6 odd in Boots. I think this shade is 'Apocoliptic'. It's a bright hot pink, which I like, but will have to be brave to wear out!
Not very exciting, but I also bought a little tin containing a tape dispenser, a tip ex pen and a glue stick. I just thought it would be handy to have at work!

Also from Primark (sorry these aren't in better order!) I got these cute flower rings. I wore the daisy, which was a quid, to the wedding, and I thought it really complimented my floral dress. The silver one was a mere 50p and is simple but pretty. 

At Debenhams, a load of the Jon Richards jewellery was on sale, so as well as picking up a gift for the bride to be, I bought some earrings to wear with my dress. I didn't actually wear them in the end, but I'm sure I will at some point. I sort of wish I'd gotten a silver pair, as I'd get more wear out of them, but I was too focused on finding accessories for the wedding! I think these were £3 down from £10.  I've never really looked at this range of jewellery before but I definitely will from now on, they had some really pretty pieces. 

From Home Bargains I bought this cute tin carry case for £1.99. I thought it would be good for storing some of my nail polish in, as I'm quickly running out of space to store them! They had 2 other designs, but I thought this was the sweetest. 

I think my favourite purchase of late though, has to be the super adorable plushy I got from Paperchase. Introducing Fran├žois! How stinkin' cute is he?! I can't believe he was only £2 too! I found him on a visit to the outlet shop in Cheshire Oaks, and could not leave without him! 

Found any good bargains lately?


  1. So many lovely pieces! 'Baker Street' is a stunning shade and as if that Rimmel Apocalips was in poundland- amazing!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. The nails inc polishes are a fab bargain!

  3. Always find a god nails inc bargain in TK Maxx :)

  4. Not sure my comment posted?...Anyway if not I said I love the poundland bargains. The tin is super cute and would indeed come in handy for my work too as a primary teacher :P

    1. Thanks! I might have to get another one, things always go walkabouts in school!