Friday, 29 August 2014

Perfect Perfumes!

Yeah, not the best title but I'm feeling a little tired!
So I had a bit of a tidy up yesterday and came across two perfumes that, sadly, have come to an end. The one that has been a real favourite this summer has definitely been The Body Shop's Early-Harvest Raspberry eau de toilette. I think initially I was intending to get the peach one but I wasn't very taken with it. I then took a whiff of this and was hooked! I didn't get it straight away though, instead choosing to lust after it for weeks and weeks, being lured into the shop every time I was in town and having a sneaky spritz. I finally caved as it seemed the perfect fragrance for the warmer months and it just smelt so damn delicious! It's gorgeously juicy, fresh and addictive. I found the peach one to smell a bit synthetic but this one smells quite authentic; jammy and sweet, without being cloying. I've found it really refreshing and easy to wear and it just really cheers me up when I spray it on! Hence why I'm so disappointed I've finished it! I don't think I've ever finished a perfume as quickly as this one. I can't find it online though so I'm getting a bit anxious! I need it back in my life, especially now the weather has turned miserable again!

The second perfume that has come to an end is the bottle of Madly Kenzo I got in the January sales. As you all know perfumes are hard to describe sometimes, so I'm going off the official description on the Kenzo site! 'Heliotrope flower fuses with Virginia Cedar, in a rare blend of two addictive essences. Orange blossom leads the way, followed by a Rose and Incense heart, enhanced by a light touch of vanilla.' It's described as a 'sensual oriental floral' and it's quite different from my usual fruity choices. It's warm and quite grown up, without being fuddy! I wear it all day but I think it's especially suited as an evening fragrance.
 I think I actually finished this a good while ago, I just hadn't noticed as it was at home for the most part. I really do love it though as it reminds me of the first time I met Stuart. If anyone is interested we had a coffee, saw Life of Pi then had tea at Pizza Express!  I think it also means a lot to me, well as much as a perfume can, because it was the first perfume I bought after my difficult break up. In a way it was sort of symbolising a new start in my life. That probably sounds a bit sappy but then scent is something evocative and very personal to an individual. In any case, this will always remind me of the early days with Stuart. All the butterflies, the excitement... and the Gremlin movies!
Hopefully I'll get this again at some point, maybe as a Christmas present! (Shh! We're not mentioning that yet!).

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