Sunday, 17 August 2014

Budapest Buys!

Now I have to admit my 'Budapest Buys' are quite pitiful! They have a huge shopping centre there (WestEnd) but there was so many stores that it was a bit overwhelming! Plus I wanted to save most of my money for food and attractions. If I ever go again though I'd definitely have a better look. They have a chain of 'drugstore' there or 'drogeriemarkt' as their website says, called Rossmann, and this is where I bought my items from. There was another Superdrug type of store called 'dm', and I really wish I'd gotten a few things from there. Ah well, always next time. A lot of things were German, I don't think I saw many Hungarian brands. They had a massive choice though and I bored my boyfriend to tears looking at it all!

Firstly I bought a micellar water, just because I like trying different ones out and they're always handy to have. Especially when you're lazy like me. This is a Polish brand I believe and claims to remove makeup, cleanse and tone. Well so it should. I've looked at a few reviews of this, and it seems to be an ok product. I can't remember how many forints it was, but it wasn't expensive. 
Next I bought some face wipes as, shamefully, I had a real hankering for them! I'd been using a micellar water to remove my makeup on hol, but I'd ran out of cotton pads, so instead of just buying more cotton pads, I just bought wipes. Say what you will but they are convenient! With the help of Google translate I think these are for dehydrated skin and are just your general 3 in 1 cleansing wipes. They smell really fruity, surprisingly, and are a good size. They also have a good 'wetness' to them and don't feel stripping or leave my skin with a greasy film. These were really cheap- I think they're a budget brand. 

Finally I bought a polish from Essence. Now I know you can buy it here now, but I don't think I've seen this shade available, from the Brazil collection. I could be wrong. But I'm a sucker for purple so it had to be done! I can't wait to try this out. I sort of wish I'd gotten more makeup, but in reality, I do have plenty! I was tempted by the Manhattan stand though as well as Catrice and Astor.

Not a very exciting haul but at least it's stuff I'll use!

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