Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Half Term Holiday!

*Long Post Alert!*

Hi! It's been so long since I've blogged- not that I'm keeping anyone waiting! I just haven't fancied it lately, but I thought tonight I'll write one about my recent trip away during half term.
For all its cons, at least one pro of working in a school are all the holidays, and after having our dreaded Ofsted inspection during the last week, the break was very much needed! I can't remember if I've already mentioned this, but for Christmas I bought Stu a 2 week hotel break from Buyagift when there was an offer on (ever thrifty..well, sort of) and we decided to return to the same place in Torquay that we went to in 2013. We were wanting to go to Somerset or Gloucester but sadly both of those guest houses were all booked up. A shame as they had excellent reviews. It was good to go somewhere familiar though and at least we knew that we would like where we were staying.
We set off on Monday morning and arrived there at about 3.30pm. We discovered that The Crown Lodge had new owners but thankfully the place was still as clean and comfortable as we remembered, and the breakfasts were still just as good! We took a walk into town and had a little wander before having an early tea at Harvester. Nothing fancy but cheap and cheerful enough. We left feeling ridiculously full, well at least I was, after our massive sundaes. Mm could eat one now thinking about it. Such a pig. After a chilly walk back to the lodge we just watched some TV on our amazingly squishy bed. The bed was very comfy but I don't think my back would have appreciated it after a while!
The next morning, after a yummy full English breakfast, we set off to Paignton Zoo. We went here last time too, but you can't go wrong with a zoo. The weather was really good- lovely and bright. The queues for ice cream were super long which was mad considering it's only February. We had to have some too, of course, as if we hadn't had enough the night before! In particular I loved seeing the giraffes, marmosets and emperor tamarins. So cute!
That evening we had tea at Meat 59, a new burger place in Torquay. It had excellent reviews on Tripadviser and the food looked right up our street so we thought we'd give it a go. We were the only customers there when we turned up at 6.30 but it soon filled up, which we were sort of relieved about! The decor was quirky ( I loved the little robot salt and pepper shakers on our table) and the menu was confidently compact! Still lots of choices though with a good selection of gourmet burgers and sides. I chose The Pig Smoke-  slow roasted pulled pork (locally sourced from Devon) with Kansas hickory barbecue sauce and homemade coleslaw in a brioche bun. It was amazing. So, so good. I also had a side of massive onion rings and we shared some rosemary fries. Stu had the Meat 59 burger which included pulled pork, black pudding and chorizo. He gave it a solid 10/10! The staff were friendly and the prices were very reasonable for the quality. Definitely recommend going if you are in the area. They also do them to take away!
On the Wednesday we sadly had to head off home, but on the way we stopped off at Cheddar Gorge. We didn't actually see the caves as it was too pricey, but we had a pleasant wander along the little tourist tat shops and had a lovely cream tea (well without the tea) at Cafe Gorge which was very pleasant. Was good to just get some fresh air to break up the journey! I'm very glad Stu was driving though, as at one point it was like Groundhog day trying to get out of a village- we were just going around in circles thanks to roadworks and a confused sat nav!
Overall I loved our little break, as chilled out and unsophisticated as it was! Was good to relax and get a bit of sea air in my lungs! Now I'm just counting down the weeks until the next half term!

Forgot another favourite- these cute capybaras! The baby in the trough was adorable! 


  1. Capybaras are so cute. They look to always be giving people side eye, which makes them even cooler!

  2. Haha they do! They're too cool ;)