Sunday, 26 January 2014

17 Fast Finish Nail Polish Bargains!

These here polishes have to be my biggest beauty bargain of the new year so far as they were just 25p each! My local Boots stores have been selling quite a lot of heavily discounted 17 items in the last few weeks, probably due to their rebranding. If you can call a change to 'Seventeen' that! Anyways 25p for a polish is an absolute steal so on a few different trips I managed to pick up 5 shades that I really like. You can still get these shades on the Boots website for £2.99 but I think they are being discontinued as they are also selling the 'Quicker Slicker' polish in the new packaging (my mind may well be in the gutter here but it is a much better name than Fast Finish).  However not all the shades I have are listed so looks like some could be disappearing altogether.
 Ramblings aside I have been very impressed with the newbies to my collection! Starting with my thumb we have Sulk, True Blue, Pink Lemonade, Tigers Eye and Baked Cherry. The picture shows two coats off each but I could have gotten away with just one for Sulk and probably needed another with Pink Lemonade as it's quite sheer. They all applied well although True Blue seemed to be a tad thicker than the others and Pink Lemonade a bit thinner. Sulk has to be my favourite as it's just the most beautiful colour. I think the rich jewel tone works equally well for Winter and Summer. I often like to wear this shade on my toes when I go on holiday! True Blue is a good evening choice and I think it will look gorge with a glittery top coat. Pink Lemonade will be a lovely delicate colour to wear come Spring whilst Tigers Eye is the sensible shade of the lot and would work well for more formal occasions. Baked Cherry is a classic sort of shade that everyone should own!
Did you manage to find some 17 (Seventeen)! bargains?


  1. it is! such a great one-coater!

  2. Sulk and baked cherry are both especially stunning! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. I had Baked Cherry on all last week,love it :)