Sunday, 26 January 2014

Percy & Reed Colour & Shine Conditioner

I finally managed to finish this conditioner up today after having it hanging around for ages! This was a magazine freebie- I think it was Glamour. I would never of tried it if it hadn't been free as it's usually £16 for 250ml- far too much for a conditioner in my opinion, especially I didn't really find it to be anything special. I'm actually a bit on the fence about this one as some days it made my hair feel soft and smooth, whilst other  days it left my hair feeling a bit heavy and weighed down. I probably applied too much but I still need my conditioners to rinse away easily- this can leave your hair feeling a tad residue-y. Basically, whilst it wasn't awful on the whole, I've used much cheaper conditioners that have worked much better.