Friday, 8 February 2013

Angelica Nail Colour- Angel

I went shopping yesterday and was very pleased to find the Angelica nail polish stand in Primark as I'd heard about them on blogs but had yet to see them in my local store. I picked up the shade 'Angel' as I'd read it was a dupe for Models Own Indian Ocean. I don't own that one but after looking up pics I'd say they are practically identical- least colour wise. Plus the Angelica polishes are only £2.50 rather than a fiver which makes them very bargainous indeed.
Now this shade is very sheer, it took 5 coats to reach the opacity shown but it dried fairly quickly and I used a fast drying topcoat so it wasn't an issue really. You could layer this over a stronger blue shade, or a pink even, which I'm looking forward to trying. On it's own it's a very interesting colour, gleaming more blue or pink depending on the lighting. I only wish my nails and cuticles were in better shape to do it justice!


I may have to go back to Primark to check the others out...

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  1. Its really cute shade Laura!