Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Speckle Nails

I saw this tutorial over at Makeup Savvy and just had to have a go at it. I have been lusting over Illamasqua's speckle polishes of late but at £14.50 they are a little on the pricey side for me right now, so a budget version using polishes I already own was a very welcome idea. 
These were so easy to do and I love the effect. I'll be checking my collection for more sheer colours so I can do it again another time in a different shade. Really hoping I've got a suitable lilac one! 
Here I have used Essie Muchi Muchi and Poundland's Chit Chat polish in Rio. Muchi Muchi is very sheer so I used about 3 coats before putting on the glitter. Plus my nails are horribly stained so I needed a good base to make them look less zombie-fied. After the glitter was dry just the one coat was needed again then I finished with my trusty NYC topcoat.

Cute and really Spring like!


  1. I tried this with a pink glitter polish today and my nails just look bruised, dammit! x

    1. Aw no, I was going to try it with pink glitter at first, perhaps was a good job i didnt haha

  2. That looks amazing! I've ordered the speckly polish Fee from Makeup Savvy showed us yesterday in her blog (the one under £2.) x x

    Just me Leah