Tuesday, 12 February 2013

February Glossybox (Valentine's Day themed)

Yay! Mine finally arrived! Great timing too as I've got a touch of the sniffles and am feeling decidedly meh. Firstly I love the design of the box, it's so cute and fitting for Valentine's Day.This is also the first time since I've been subscribed to Glossybox that I have felt that the contents have been good value for money. Unfortunately I still may have to cancel soon due to lack of funds! I blame my car. The big money suck. :(

Heart lollipop was a cute touch also!
 Anyways, included was a Anatomicals rose scented shower gel. I've never tried anything from this brand so I'm pleased to be able to try it out. This contains 150ml whilst the full size contains 300ml but it's still very generous considering the weeny bottles that have been included in the past!
Next is a Docteur Renaud 'Raspberry Soft Cream' facial moisturiser. Apparently this is limited edition, which will be a shame if I actually like it, though on closer inspection it is £25 for 50ml so rather hoping I wont for the sake of my bank balance! It also claims to contain 4 complementary  raspberry extracts and phyto-endorphins to boost skin cell activity. Just what my skin needs I'm sure!

I also received 3 make up items in this box which I'm very pleased about-makes a change from skincare samples and sachets! The first being a ModelCo eyeshadow duo in 'Bronzed Goddess' with the shades Maldives and Jamaica. I've not heard of this brand before but a quick look on the website reveals it is an Australian brand based in Sydney. You can buy 'Bronzed Goddess' on the site as a trio rather than a duo for £18. I do think this is a little steep, especially as I'm not wowed by the quality. You can definitely get better for cheaper. Though that is not to say these are awful in any way as they are very wearable shades with good pigmentation. Just a shame that the goldy one in particular feels rather gritty and isn't as smooth as I'd like. I'd imagine there would be quite a bit of fallout with these so a primer would be a must. Still I'm looking forward to trying them out properly.

I also got a little pot of Micabella Cosmetics mineral blush powder in the shade Siera Suede. Wow, just looked and the full size of this is £34. 95! This will be nice to try but I think I can safely safe I won't be repurchasing. Whilst this looks like it would be too orange for me now, applied with a light touch in the summer with a tan, I think this could look good. The pigmentation is great so a little will go a long way and it has a gorgeous soft texture.

Lastly I received a Helen E Cosmetics moisturising lipstick in 'Raspberry'. I've only tried one other item from this brand, a lovely bronze eyeliner, which I loved until I managed to snap it in half, so I had high hopes that this would be just as good. I've only just tested it but my initial thoughts are that it is indeed a good product. It glides on and has great pigmentation. It really does feel moisturising too as my lips are rather scaly at the moment but it hasn't clung to any flakes. The shade 'Raspberry' is darker and more mature than what I'd normally go for but I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I like it.

Overall an excellent box- they should be like this every month!


  1. Looks like a good box xx

    1. Really is, I'm just impressed there isn't a sachet in sight haha

  2. This is the kind of Glossybox that makes me wish I hadn't cancelled...but then it happens so rarely that most of the time I'm glad I did. I wish someone did an all make up subscription box! xx