Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Valentine's Weekend Away

So yesterday evening I returned from my weekend away with my boyfriend. He is very lovely and had treated me to a 2 night hotel break. I could choose from loads of hotels but in the end we chose to stay in the Aston hotel in Sheffield. I might have been swayed by it's close proximity to Meadowhall shopping centre... The hotel was great and I'm mourning over the loss of the king sized bed and shower with the little seat. I'm easily pleased. Seriously though, this would be so handy for leg shaving! We shopped (of course) ate lots-probably far too much! went to the cinema and visited  the Tropical Butterfly House ,Wildlife and Falconry Centre. After checking out we also headed into Sheffield city centre for a mosey. And a bit more shopping. We did see some nice stainless steel cutlery also. 
Here are some pics of the cute animals we saw. I forgot to take pics of anything else!

Parrot that intermittently talked. Or so Stuart thinks. 'Alright?'..
Goats have weird eyes has to be said.
Cute chipmunks. I want.
Everyone loves a meerkat. Here you could feed them meal worms but I reckon they were a bit stuffed. 

Stuart fell in love with this happy chappy.
If you look closely you can see a falcon chillin on his perch. He looked a tad melancholic.

 I did manage to take a pic of a load of empty plates at Las Iquanas where we had some nom tapas. And equally gorgeous cocktails. Least I did, I wasn't driving. Ha.

Key West Cooler. Moar please.
I had a really good time, I don't often get to go away so it made a nice change. Plus I was in amazing company and very spoilt! Best Valentine's ever.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely break :) x

    1. Really was, sad to be back at home and bored!