Saturday, 9 November 2013

E.L.F 50% Off Sale

My package finally arrived the other day and I couldn't wait to dig in and check out what I'd ordered. It's hard to get a true representation of what products look like on the site so a lot of the time things aren't quite what you expected them to be, good or bad! Thankfully, on the whole, I'm pleased with what I bought. I didn't actually get this in one order as I used a free delivery code for one of them and then about a week later they were doing the 50% off code so obviously I had to splurge again... My make up hoarding is getting a bit shameful now when I consider that most days I don't wear an awful lot of it! Ah well! Anyways here is what I bought the first time.

I got the studio line powder brush as I think my current one is on it's way out- I've had it for years! This feels lovely and soft whilst still being 'solid'- it feels well made. I also got the brush cleaner as I'm very lazy when it comes to washing my brushes so I thought this could be a quicker alternative. My lips are in a awful state at the moment so I'm hope the lip exfoliator will work and let me wear lipsticks again without it looking horrible. This smells gorgeous, like vanilla- even more of an incentive to use it. Lastly I got a Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in the shade Pink Umbrellas. This is the one product I'm a bit disappointed with on initial looks. It's very sheer and not as bright as I was hoping. The swatch below took a lot of going over! Smells nice and minty though! 

When the 50% off code rolled around I then got this lot. 

I've been tempted to get the maximum coverage concealer for a long time now as I do get quite bad blemishes at times. I chose the shade Porcelain but I think it's still a smidge too dark, though I think it will be passable when blended out. It definitely feels very thick and high coverage which is just what I need. Another item that has been on my wish list is the high definition powder. I always powder after using foundations but it can get a little heavy looking so hopefully using this will give me a better, more flawless finish. The powder is extremely fine and silky feeling but very messy! I love blushers so I was very interested in trying out one of the HD blushes. I chose the shade Headliner which is a gorgeous bright pink shade that I think would be flattering on a lot of people. The blush is very creamy and pigmented and a little seems to go a very long way. As well as blushes, I've also been on a foundation mission lately as I just can't seem to find the perfect one. I thought I'd try the mineral foundation in Fair as in the past I've loved the L'Oreal True Match mineral foundation but at £15 it's rather pricey. Hopefully I'll like this just as much but we shall see! Finally I bought the eyebrow kit in the shade Ash as I never bother with my eyebrows and thought this might entice me to have a go at making them more groomed. 

Swatches of the concealer and blush. 

This was very messy when I was opening it! Managed to get it everywhere! 

'Fair' seems to be a good colour match-can't wait to test it our properly! 

Again this seems to be a good colour match for my brows. The powder is very pale-I couldn't get it to show up in a swatch. Hopefully this is a good thing, I'd hate to have brows that were too obvious!

There's been a lot of ELF reviews lately on blogs so I hope you're not too bored of them! I'm looking forward to trying these out properly and giving my opinions later on. 

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