Friday, 1 November 2013

Mini Hol to Torquay!

During the school holidays I usually do playscheme work but this time I decided to take the whole week off and go on a little trip away with my boyfriend to Torquay. We booked it a while ago when there was a deal on for 2 nights at a hotel/b&b for 2 people for just £75. Bargain! There were lots of places to choose from but after extensive Trip Advisor research we plumped for the Crown Lodge Hotel in Torquay. Of course the cost of petrol was going to bump up the cost of our trip but it was still very affordable between us. After 8 weeks of stress and madness at school though I just HAD to get away this half term! I was very willing to cough up!
We definitely made the right decision as the hotel was lovely- the rooms were spotless and very comfortable and breakfast was excellent, particularly the French toast and maple syrup I had on our second day- perfect for me and my sweet tooth! The owners were also very friendly and helpful. Whilst we were there we visited Paignton Zoo as well as Living Coasts. I particularly liked the sweepy otters at Living Coasts-they were so cute all curled up together! We were really lucky that on the whole the weather was good, especially whilst we were trekking around the zoo! We also had some yummy food (I'd recommend Amici in Torquay for some great Italian food as well as The Singing Kettle for an amazing cream tea!) and wasted some money in the arcades. Well you just have to at a seaside resort! On our way back home we also stopped by my uni friends house near Tewkesbury for a quick visit which was lovely. We managed to pack a lot in but there was so much more we could have done if we had stayed longer. I'd never been to Devon before but now I definitely want to go back. 

I miss this bed-it was so comfy! 

Homemade cherry scone- so very gorgeous! 

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, I think! These had lovely long eyelashes- was very jealous! 

Love Giraffes, they are so elegant and interesting looking. 

Me and a goat. He was thrilled, obviously. 

View from Paignton Pier 

We won a whole pound! 


Choppy sea! 

Cutie pie penguins. 

Sweepy otters! 

Look at their little faces, squee! 

I've got a bit of the holiday blues now though- I don't want to go back to school again!  Have you been anywhere nice lately? 


  1. Awww, the seals and otters are so cute! x

    1. they really were, i wanted to take one of the otters home haha