Thursday, 31 October 2013

Half Term Shopping Spree! Amie, Deborah Lippmann, The Bodyshop...!

Well I say spree but it really wasn't up to that standard! I was feeling a bit sorry for myself after having a blood test done (I'm a wimp when it comes to needles and I get myself really worked up, I'm just impressed I didn't faint!) so I thought that I would have a wander around town. I don't get to shop in Wrexham as much anymore due to spending most of my time in Oswestry so it was nice to have a little scout about. Firstly I ended up getting quite a lot in Tesco even though I was only meant to be getting some sweets in for Halloween! It was half price on Amie stuff so I ended up getting the purifying face wash and the matte finish moisturiser for £2.47 each. I've read lots of positive reviews so I thought it was worth getting them whilst they were on offer. I have enough face wash and moisturisers so I didn't really need them but they'll keep, I'm not planning on opening them until I've finished some more up. I also got a tub of the Tresemme Keratin Smooth hair mask as that was also on offer for £2.75. I've used this previously and been super impressed with it so I'm glad I've got it again.
Soz for the flash/non flash pics. My camera isn't great lately and I'm too sleepy to keep faffing about!

I also got a bottle of Brazil Nut perfume at The Body Shop for £4.25 as it's being discontinued. I love, love, love this scent and as I'm quickly running out of my body mist it's good I managed to nab this before it goes from shops completely! 

I think my fave purchase of the day has to be the trio of Deborah Lippmann polishes I got in the clearance section of TK Maxx for £8. I nearly passed it by but then I spied the super pretty Across The Universe shade and it just had to be mine. The other shades included are Fade To Black and Modern Love which are also very lovely. Fade To Black will be the perfect partner to Across The Universe! I've never tried a Deborah Lippmann polish before so I'm looking forward to seeing what the quality is like. 

Finally, I picked up a copy of Elle magazine just to get the little Benefit lipgloss freebie. I almost didn't buy this as £4 is steep for a mag I don't read but I just thought sod it and gave in to temptation! I chose the shade Dandelion as it thought it would suit me the most. It's a weeny tube so I might actually be able to finish a lipgloss for once in my life! 

In other news yesterday I got back from a mini holiday with my boyfriend to Torquay. We had a lovely time and I shall be posting about the trip shortly :) 

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