Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bit of a FOTD Fail

I thought I would do a FOTD today as I don't tend to do them. But then the lighting was crappy and my camera is perpetually crappy and so the end result is not very useful in regards to seeing what the products actually look like on. I've decided to stick it up regardless as frankly I've got lots of cleaning to do and this is helping me put it off just a little bit longer!  :-p
As I've said you can't tell what I'm wearing but I'll list them anyways!
Witch primer (best primer I've used yet!)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation in 51
MUA cream blusher in Blossom
MUA eyeshadows in Ghost (Smokin' palette) and Reveal (Undress Me Too palette)
Max Factor Wild Mega Volume mascara

I'm missing the slight tan I had in the summer so much! I look too pale :( I have got a bit of a cold again though so I think that is a contributing factor. The star product here is definitely the cream blush. It applies so well with my stipple brush and looks really natural. Such a bargain too!


  1. You might not be able to see it close up but you look very pretty. Bah, the light this time of year is shite. x

    1. aw thanks leah :) yeh the light really is rubbish!

  2. You looks beautiful :) I love the MUA cream blusher on you! :) x

    1. thanks, it's really good for the price