Monday, 7 October 2013

To Do List

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately as I have so many things I need/want to do swimming around in my head. Doesn't help that time just seems to fly by lately! I desperately need to clear out a little bit of head space so I thought I'd put up my do do list on here. Hopefully getting it all down in writing will help me feel better.

  1. Be more organised at work. I work in a primary school doing 1:1 support with a boy in Year 1. He's lovely and I do enjoy it but it's a lot of work and I often feel like I'm not fitting everything I need to do in the week. I normally take things a day at a time in regards to our 1:1 sessions but what I really need to do is is establish some sort of timetable so that we work on a little bit of everything during the week. I think once I've done this I will feel a lot less anxious and I can then be able to prepare things a bit more in advance. 
  2. Get on top of household chores. It feels like there's never any time to do the cleaning and tidying up, but in all honesty it's probably because I don't make time and prioritise it. When I get in I usually just crash out on the sofa when I could be getting on with some small jobs. I think our main problem is that we tend not to tidy up as we go along, rather we let it all accumulate until it gets ridiculous! Hopefully I can get a lot of tidying done during half term so that then it's easier to keep on top of it. We also need lots more storage so that we don't end up with piles and piles of miscellaneous crap all over the flat! 
  3. Cook more. I enjoy cooking (in a tidy kitchen) but I'm often lazy and will go for the easy option. Though the easy option is usually junk food so to be more specific I need to cook healthier meals. Again I think I need to do some forward thinking here and plan in advance. My boyfriend prefers to get food as and when we need it, but I really want to start doing a weekly shop and planning our food for the week. It'll save a lot of time plus a lot of money. Countless times we've popped to Sainsbury's and I've ended up getting lots of random things that I don't really need! So that'll be another job to do in the holidays- looking up budget healthy meals. Of course it doesn't need to be healthy all the time as I really miss baking especially now The Great British Bake Off is on! 
  4. Life Laundry. I'm itching to have a big sort out both here and at home. My bedroom at home in particular needs a massive overhaul. I'm going to have to be ruthless and only keep the things that I really need. No doubt this will involve a lot of trips to the charity shop! 
  5. Pamper time. Life is going by so fast lately that I never seem to have the time to 'maintain' myself as it were. I can go weeks now with the same old chipped polish on when I used to change it every two days. I would also love to be able to spend more time on my skincare some nights instead of a rushed job with a face wipe. Oo and to remember to slather on some moisturiser every now and then to avoid lizard legs. Just little things like this that would help me feel a bit better about myself! 
  6. Lettings things go. As much as the above is important I've also got to learn to relax a little more sometimes and stop sweating the small stuff.  I think I've spoilt a lot of moments this way and life is short after all, you need to enjoy yourself! 
I'm sure there's other stuff floating around my head but that'll do for now! Getting all that down has been quite cathartic but I know that I'll only really start feeling more in control once I actually turn words into action! 

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