Sunday, 6 October 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Anti-Shine Foundation Stick

I managed to squeeze the last bit of life out of my cam to do this post! I got this foundation stick for my birthday in August but I've not really been able to use it until now as I had a bit of a tan then and it would have been too light. I got the shade classic ivory 120 and it's a great match at the moment now my tan has well and truly gone. Sads. Whilst the colour match is great this foundation doesn't really live up to my expectations. It's a weird one! For a start it's strange to be swiping a stick across my face as I've only ever used powder or liquid foundations. Secondly the texture is a bit odd considering it's made for oily skin as it has a lot of slip to it and feels almost greasy on application. It's meant to be 'enriched with powders' (says Boots website) with an anti-shine core, but it doesn't feel in any way powdery. For this reason it does blend well but it also tends to cling to any dry areas which is always annoying! A little goes quite a long way so in theory it should last a long time, however if I was using this frequently I'd have to reapply a lot as it just doesn't last. I can put it on at about 8.30 and by 12 it looks like I haven't got anything on my face! It doesn't make me any less shiny either, and after I've applied it I still need to powder. Surely with a product called anti-shine stick you shouldn't need to add any more powder?! 
I'm on the fence with this foundation as on a good skin day it looks ok and is quick to apply but but when my skin is looking a bit more crap, and I need it to last a busy day, it just doesn't perform. I think if you have smooth skin that is only a little bit on the oily side then this would be perfect, otherwise it can have it's issues! 

Have you tried this? What did you think? 

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  1. I haven't tried this myself but I dont think it would work for them skin as it's quite dry in places. Plus i don't know how hygienic it is being a stick? unless you but it on a brush first! Anyways great post! :)