Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash

I thought I'd already written about this but I don't think I actually have.. Anyways this is the cleanser I use whenever I'm at home as opposed to my boyfriend's flat where I live during the week for work. I got this ages ago now but it's still going strong! I got this as I wanted a good gentle cleanser that wouldn't dry out or irritate my skin. I also wanted to try a product with more natural ingredients than usual. I'll be lazy and give you a link for more information here.  This foaming cleanser is very gentle and works well at refreshing my skin. It's perfect for using in the morning to get rid of any stubborn mascara smears as well as getting rid of any excess oil. I wouldn't use it to remove a lot of make-up, as I think it might struggle, but it would be nice to use after a cream cleanser for a double cleanse. The rose geranium essential oil gives it a lovely calming scent and most importantly it doesn't leave my skin feeling all dry and tight. On a side note, I've started taking much more care over the temperature of the water when I wash my face as I think often times it's not so much the product that dries it out but how hot it is. Nothing revolutionary but something I'm not careful with! 
Overall this is a great simple cleanser, that I would happily repurchase and recommend. 


  1. I've got this but haven't started using it yet. x

    1. hope you like using it when you start it :)