Sunday, 6 October 2013

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday I had to get up at sparrows fart for an early appointment so I ended up being in town when it was nice and quiet still- perfect time for some browsing! I'd go to town for 9 more often if I didn't love my bed so much! Anyways, as is nearly always the case, my first stop was Poundland. There were no chavvy teens or harassed greasy mums in the way so I could have a proper nosey at the makeup and hair stuff for once. Now I don't need any more eyeshadow but I couldn't resist picking up a Rimmel Glam'Eyes shadow quad in Green Sapphire as I love green shades, especially for Autumn. The bottom shade is what drew me in, though no doubt I've already got this shade elsewhere in my stash! I then got another quad in Smokey Blue as although I tend to shy away from blue shades these look more grey/purple toned which is much more flattering on me. I swatched these quickly yesterday (apologies for not including any in this post, I completely forgot and now my camera is dead) and I reckon they'll work best over a primer as they're a little on the sheer side.

I also got a shower cap as I've been meaning to get one for ages for when I use hair masks. Now I can potter about without water dripping down my back! They had some Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo in stock, and I remembered that I really wanted to try it when it first came out but was put off after reading some negative blog reviews on it. For a pound though I thought it was worth the risk and in my basket it went. It says it's for dry, frizz prone hair so maybe I'll get along with it better than others have.

Now my most exciting purchase of the day was my new purple winter coat from George. I saw this online whilst browsing different stores and instantly wanted it. Plus at £19 it's a bit of a bargain considering my last one was 60 odd pounds. I know it's not on a par with my last one quality wise but it'll do the job, plus it's such a gorgeous colour. It fits really well and it's roomy enough to wear a jumper underneath without feeling all stuffy.

So all in all, a decent mornings shop I reckon. Now I've just got to do some serious tidying in the flat and try and chill out a bit before another manic week at school. Half term can't come fast enough now!


  1. I used the foam shampoo a few years back, it's really odd! Try not to use too much x

    1. It seems it! Read lots of reviews that said it made their hair look more greasy than it did to begin with so I'll have to go easy!