Sunday, 9 December 2012

Book Review: The Spellmans Strike Again

First up I just want to say that I love this series by Lisa Lutz. They are so well written with excellent characters. I was actually quite gutted when I finished this one- I didn't want it to end! This is the 4th book in the serious, the previous ones being The Spellman Files, Curse of  the Spellmans and Revenge of the Spellmans. I have also just found out that there is a 5th book, Trail of the Spellmans, so I am very excited. Amazon here I come!
What makes these books completely unputdownable is Lutz' unique writing style. It's so engaging and witty; it really helps the pace of the book. I love the main character, Izzy. All too often I find it hard to relate to, or even take an interest, in the main character, but this isn't the case here. Lutz has built up a strong, interesting character who you don't end up despairing of, as can happen in many chick lits! I can be pretty rubbish at describing story lines so here's the book description. 

At the ripe old age of thirty-two, former wild child Isabel "Izzy" Spellman has finally agreed to take over the family detective business. The transition won't be smooth. First among her priorities as head of Spellman Investigations is to dig up some dirt on the competition, slippery ex-cop Rick Harkey. Next, faced with a puzzling missing-person's case she recruits an actor friend, Len, to infiltrate the home of an ageing millionaire as an undercover butler. Meanwhile, Izzy is being blackmailed by her mother to commit to regular blind dates with promising professionals - an arrangement that doesn't thrill Connor, Izzy's soon to become Ex-boyfriend No. 12. At Spellman headquarters, it's business as unusual. Doorknobs and light fixtures are disappearing every day, Mom's been spotted crying in the pantry and just when it looks like things can't go more haywire, little sister Rae's internship researching pro bono legal cases leads the youngest Spellman to launch a campaign that could spring an innocent man from jail - or land Rae in it. It just goes to show, however many Spellman Family Rules are put in place in an attempt to hold the family together, Izzy will never be able to follow Rule No. 1: Act Normal. 

These books have made me really want to be a private investigator! I do think it is possible I have missed my calling in life. Far fetched career aspirations aside, I can really recommend this book. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you engaged and the witty dialogue is excellent, especially when the whole family get together. Throughout the series the books have been fresh and original and whilst starting from the beginning would be best, it stands alone and you could still enjoy this one without feeling too out of the loop. For something a bit different you have to check these out!


  1. I LOVE your background! I'm currently studying Primary Education, yay for our career choices! ;) Haha. xo

    1. Got to love a bit of hungry caterpillar. Along with Plop the owl! haha x