Sunday, 16 December 2012

Orly Rage

This was a complete impulse buy! Granted I have been wanting a rose gold polish of late but when I saw this in Boots (whilst I was getting the half price Soap and Glory set I might add- another thing I really didn't need!) I just picked it up and trotted off to the tills. It's a weeny bottle, containing 5.3ml of polish. It also cost £5.99 which is a lot for such a little amount. However, it is a gorgeous shade and I have nothing like it in my collection. I'm surprised I like this as much as I do as metallic polishes are not my faves but when it catches the light it's so pretty. I am pretty disgusted with myself though as my spending has been awful lately. Had a little panic the other day when I realised my car tax and MOT is due in January, followed by insurance in February. I don't get paid in the school hols and I'm never guaranteed any work so I need to be more careful. Thankfully I'm booked for all next week but I may have to rethink my idea of getting a new laptop! Speaking (well writing) of work, it's lovely being in schools now though when they are doing their plays- the one I'm in at the mo is doing 'Babushka' so it's a bit different to the normal nativity!

Anyways, application was great, this took two coats and it dried quickly. For the price though, unless it's a really special shade, I won't be getting another Orly mini.

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