Saturday, 15 December 2012

Elf Stuffs

I cannot resist an offer so this is how I ended up with all of this, which, if I'm honest, I don't even need! I am pretty happy with everything I got though, bar a few items. It's always a bit of a gamble when you buy online in regards to judging quality and colours etc.

Firstly I got some brushes, a stipple and a blush one. I have to say the blush brush looks a little smaller than I expected but I've yet to use it so we'll see how well it works. Actually I haven't tested any of the brushes so I will share my thoughts on them at a later date. I'm looking forward to trying the stipple brush out with a cream blush though as I can never get it to look right!  These are both from the Studio line.

 I also got some eye brushes- a crease brush, a eyeshadow brush and a defining eye brush. These are from the 'essentials' line but should still do the trick. I have to confess though that most times I just put eyeshadow on with my fingers. Though if  I'm bothering to add crease colours and the like then I will use brushes. I'm really not a brush 'conissuer' so I'm easily pleased!

Next I got the 3 in 1 mascara after reading about it on Hannah's blog, Midnight Violets and being intrigued- I do love trying mascaras, I've got far too many opened at the moment all slowly drying out! I also got a glitter eyeshadow in Nature Girl. This is a really nice glittery forest green. I'm thinking off pairing it with an antique gold shadow I have to intensify it. The last time I tried a matte lip colour was when I got it in Tea Rose. I wasn't really a fan of the mauvey shade but I liked the formula so this time I picked up Rich Red. The design of this makes it really easy to apply and it's not too drying. It seems to have strong pink undertones though and isn't a true red. It's still a lovely shade so I'm not too fussed. Now I really do not know what to think of the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance. I thought it would be more of a highlight shade but it doesn't seem very 'glowy', more of a pale golden colour- but too pale for a bronzer. I've only tested it on my hand though so I'll try it on my face to give it a fair test. it has some rave reviews on Makeup Alley so perhaps I'm not seeing it at It's best! I got two more nail polishes for my collection- Blush and Fairy Dust. The latter is great with beautiful iridescent glitter flakes but the former is a let down as I'm not a big fan of bronzey colours. This may be on it's way to mother!
Here's a closer look at some of the items. Soz for poor lighting! 

So overall not a bad unnecessary splurge! What are your opinions of the products?

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