Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sleek True Colour Lipstick- Coral Reef

When I received this in the December Glossybox I was really pleased as it's a good brand, and even though I haven't got all that many Sleek items, I'd love to try more of the range. I've already got two Sleek lippies in Barely There and Liqueur. I do find Barely There quite hard to wear, especially if my lips are a bit dry. It definitely packs more of a punch than the name would lead you to believe! Nonetheless it's a good peachy lipstick that works well with both subtle and more dramatic looks- it looked great paired with smokey eyes. I'm not fond of Liqueur. It doesn't do me any favours and is a bit blah! Now I have Coral Reef, and after testing it out, I really like it. It has a good creamy texture and is very pigmented. It is in the sheen formulation so it has a glossy finish and feels nicely moisturising. It's a lovely bright summery colour- I was worried that it would be too orange on me but it is a pinky coral which I find more flattering. It can be worn straight from the bullet for a more vibrant look or dabbed on and topped with gloss for a everyday look.A great lipstick that will be perfect for when Spring/Summer rolls around again. Though of course it will still get some loving now!

£4.99 from Superdrug and Sleek online here. I love that you can see swatches of the shades on different skin tones!

Coral Reef straight up! (With flash)

 Sheered out and topped with clear gloss (With flash)

What do you think of Sleek lipsticks? What is your fave shade? Think I'll be trying Candy Cane next.


  1. What a lovely shade <3 which one swatch is with flash? Candy cane is already in my list :)

  2. Oops they're both with flash, the first one is applied straight from bullet the other is a lighter coating topped with gloss- forgot to put captions!

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    1. It's definitely worth a look at :)

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    1. It is, I'm not normally into corals but this has swayed me!