Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pretending to do some Christmas shopping!

I went into town today with the intention of being organised and picking up some more Christmas presents. I was also on a mission to get my sister some thermals for her new job doing the late shift at Sainsbury's. Apparently it was very chilly stacking butter or whatever it was she was doing! However it didn't really go to plan as I ended up mostly getting stuff for myself! I was a good sister though and did get her what she wanted. Though trying to find regular length trousers was quite the palaver! I got most of her stuff in Primark, (bar the trousers, grr) and somehow a new scarf, snood, gloves and earrings ending up in my sweaty mitts. Digressing a bit but  I hate shopping in winter as it's cold outside so you need a coat on but inside it's always packed and boiling. Jeez I was shvitzing in them queues! I don't know why I got the earrings as I never wear them. I'm pretty sure my holes aren't closed up though and they looked cute, especially the key ones. Loving the owl scarf too, it will be perfect for work where I like to wear scarfs to jazz up boring old long sleeved tshirts. And I just could not leave the penguin gloves. Look at his little face.

Next I went to 99p Stores and picked up a couple of scented candles. The mulberry one is a repurchase as I love the sweet fruity scent. I'm looking forward to seeing if the orange one is as nice too. I also picked up a two pack of hand cream even though I don't really need any more of the stuff- I'm obsessed! I used this in uni though and remember really liking it as it absorbs quickly.

At the market stall I also picked up three nail polishes. Two of which are actually little Christmas pressies. They were £1.50 each.

Purple Rain, Lava Flow and Pink Dazzle

My Boots order also arrived today, woop! I got La Roche-Posay Effaclar K cream and the clarifying lotion. I got them on a 2 for £15 deal which is great considering they are £13 and £11 separately. I've used the Effaclar K cream before and I found it to be really effective in helping to keep spots at bay. The clarifying lotion was a bit of a gamble but I like just using toners in the morning sometimes instead of a full cleanse which I find can be a bit drying, especially in the winter. I'll do a review on it at a later date.

Done any cheeky shopping for yourself lately?

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