Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Initial Thoughts- Milk_Shake Conditoning Whipped Cream

I got this in the December Glossybox and was keen to try it out as my hair needs all the help it can get. Lately every day is a Dougal day! I've only used it a couple of times but I thought I would share my initial ideas. Here's what the bottle says. 'Formulated to condition the hair keeping moisture balance and preserving the hair color integrity. It leaves the hair soft,shiny and healthy. The milk proteins improve the hair structure and conditioning, special emollients give long lasting hydration and the Integrity guarantees the great color sealing' So, quite the spiel. This product is all about 'Integrity' though I can't say I get it. It's like someone from the Apprentice got carried away with their favourite buzzword! Anyways, you are meant to apply it to clean, damp hair then style. 
It doesn't say how much you are meant to use so I just had to guess and hope I wouldn't end up looking a greasy mess. I reckon I used a golf ball size blob and used it from the middle down to my ends. First thing that struck me was the vanilla scent. It's strong and quite artificial. I'm not sure whether I like it! I do at first and then it reminds me of those tree shaped vanilla car air fresheners. It is incredibly light in texture and disperses easily when raked through.  I'm also not sure if it actually did anything to improve the conditon of my hair as both times it hasn't felt any different after I've dried it. I'll keep trying it out to give it a fair test though.  This one is 100ml but I believe the 200ml can costs about £15. I can't say I would pay that much but as I said I'll give it a chance! 

I have to say that it does make me slightly hungry!
Have you tried this yet? What do you think?


  1. I think if your going to spend that much on a conditioner your better off just getting bedhead Dubm Blonde conditioner it works wonders, makes you look like you've just walked out of a salon! :D

    Jazz x

    1. It's definitely too much! I think I've tried the Dumb Blonde, was good if I remember rightly! I've got £3.99 treatments that are much better than this. More of a novelty item I suppose.

  2. Doesn't really sound that great at all does it? Especially for the £15 price tag! xo