Saturday, 8 December 2012

W7 Shadow Perfection in Tawny- New brow filler?

So I went for a mosey in town just now and visited the makeup stall at the indoor market. I love having a rummage around there as everything is super cheap and they stock all sorts! Admittedly a lot of is is pap but there are some hidden gems. Today I spotted a W7 Shadow Perfection eyeshadow that looked like it would make a good eyebrow filler as it was matte and looked like it would suit my blonde brows. The shade is Tawny and so far I think it is pretty good. I've only tested it quickly with a crappy sponge applicator but with a proper brush I think it will work well. I don't normally fill in my brows as I struggle to get a colour match and whenever I do my eyes are always drawn to my brows and I end up taking it off! However because they are fair they are not as defined as they could be, especially towards the end, so I thought I would have another go at the brow filling business! This was a bargainous £1.50 so it's a great find. I also think that over a primer it will be a good shadow for evening out my lids and will make a good base for neutral eye looks.

Tawny- 3.5g
It's very pale but for me that's what's needed!
There were other shades available but I didn't really look closely so I think a return visit is in order. I believe they were all matte shades and that's something I'm interested in right now-a bit of a change from the usual shimmer shades I wear. Any fellow blondies out there struggle to find brow shades? What do you recommend?

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