Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blott Bits

This post is very overdue! I got all this when I went to Sheffield in February but better late than never! Not that it's very interesting though! I just thought it was a cute store and wanted to show you what I bought. I was actually pretty restrained as there was so much I wanted. I do love stationary! I went to the one in Meadowhall but they also have stores in Tunbridge Wells, Guildford, Cambridge, Reading and Windsor. Rather southern but hey ho you can buy online here. I should really stop looking at the site now before my hand starts making it's way towards my debit card!

A6 notebook-£3.50
Octopus keyring- £2.50 (I think-the glittery one isn't on the site)
Bear eraser-£1.25 (Yes this is extortionate for a rubber I won't actually use but he's wearing a hoody, he's cute and dammit I wanted it!)
Scented pens -£3.00 each

I think something from Blott would make a lovely present if you're stuck for ideas on what to get someone. Preferably someone who likes stationary and cuteness. Or just treat yourself like I did!  :-)


  1. Uh-oh! Stationery is my porn. Now I have a new source! Heeelllp! x x

    1. I'm fighting the urge to get MOAR CUTENESS! hahah