Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dainty Doll

I love having a nose around the beauty stall at my local indoor market, as amongst the lurid lippies and smashed up powders, you can find some real bargains such as a load of Dainty Doll products for just £1.99 each. Bargainous. I first picked up a blusher then went back for a lipstick. The former proved to be an excellent buy, the latter not so much! The blusher I got is shade 002 'My Girl' which is a soft pale pink colour with some shimmer. A great delicate shade for Spring. The powder has a lovely silky soft texture and has good pigmentation. The colour can be built up without looking chalky. I also like that the compact comes with a mirror and feels nice and sturdy.

Here's where I made the mistake of not doing enough research! I got the lipstick in the shade 'Storm in a teacup' thinking it would be a different shade to what it actually was. I really should have had a look at it before I bought it but there were no testers and I didn't want to try and open the box it came in and risk tearing it. I can't fault the smooth formula but the colour just doesn't suit me-it's just too brown.

I'll see if I can make this work by layering a pinky gloss over the top, or perhaps, used sparingly, as a contour shade. I wish I had gotten one of the red shades though!


  1. I love DD :)the blusher is cute but I think the lippy would be too brown on me! But yeh teaming it up with gloss would lighten it up! xox

    1. I'm hoping so! I might see if they have Saucy Sailor, the red shade

  2. I love Dainty Doll make up- the Fragrance direct website is selling tons of DD stuff for £1.99 too if you can't find the shades you want. (just madle a huge order myself, coudn't resist the bargains!) x

  3. I got a boatload of DD stuff on Fragrance Direct last week. All of it was really good apart from an eyeliner which is so hard it'd take my eye out. x x