Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation

Gah, yet again I've been neglecting my blog! The days just seem to go by far too quickly :(
 I bought this foundation a while ago now but have only just got around to testing it. I didn't even need a new foundation but at just £3. 49 it was too tempting! I do seem to be into foundations lately though and have also got the MUA matte one to review soon. I actually never used to bother with it but nowadays my skin looks too awful without and even if I'm running late for work I'll still slap some on.It's not that I'm terribly zitty but I do have unevenness alongside redness and a good few spots! Back to the product the shade range is pretty poor- I think they only do 4 but the lightest shade Ivory is a fairly good match when blended out well. I used a light moisturiser beforehand so that it wouldn't cling to any dry bits and it blended in nicely. Even so I found it to dry quite quickly so you have to work fast with this one. I didn't find it to set to a completely matte finish but I think my moisturiser choice had an affect as when I swatched it on my hand it does indeed set to a matte almost powder like finish. After about 3 hours of wear I was starting to look a little oily and needed to reapply powder. This claims to wear for 14 hours whilst controlling shiny zones so it's fallen a little short to say the least but I do think that if I paired it with a mattifying moisturiser and primer it would fair much better. Id also say it offers good medium coverage without feeling heavy on the skin.
For the price I really can't complain but next time I will use a mattifying moisturiser alongside it such as The Body Shop seaweed one.

Have you tried this? What did you think?


  1. ooh, this looks interesting. I've never tried a Miss Sporty foundation before. Thanks for the review :) x

    1. For the price it's pretty good but didn't work so well with a mattifying moisturiser in the end, dried far too quickly and was a bit of a nightmare to apply!