Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cosmetics Fairy Stuffs

So I got suckered into making another Cosmetics Fairy order-it's all too tempting! Especially the 99p or less section! This time I ordered a Wet n Wild eyeshadow duo, a Covergirl Wetslicks Amazemint lipgloss and a Jesse's Girl nail polish. In the pic below I have also tacked on the Wet n Wild pressed powder I got last time with the Essie polish as I haven't reviewed that yet. The lighting wasn't very good for taking pics but I'm getting bored now of being stuck in!

Firstly I'll talk about the pressed powder. All in all I'm not impressed. It was only £1.99 but it is just too orange on me. This is in the shade 'Fair' but it's anything but! It also kicked up a lot of powder when I swirled my brush in it and looked very patchy on my face. It claims to be 100% natural, which is appealing, but I just can't wear this without looking silly!

The Covergirl lipgloss was 99p and is a lovely peachy pink shade. The shade is Slaphappy, which I thought was an odd name but it's very nice in any case! It smells like minty vanilla and feels tingly on the lips as it contains Crest peppermint oil. No complaints here, for the price it is a pleasant everyday lipgloss that will go with lots of looks.

Next up is the Wet n Wild eyeshadow duo. I got this in the shade Champagne Mink but it's not very minky! The left shade is indeed a soft champagne gold  but the right one is a gold toned green. Isn't mink usually a browny purple shade? I'm not too fussed though as I actually really like this shade of green- I find it a flattering colour to wear. This was only 99p and I'm very impressed as the texture and pigmentation of these is excellent. Especially the gold shade- it's like buttah I tell ya!

Lastly there is a Jesse's Girl nail polish in the shade Girls Night Out. I've never heard of this brand before but I got this as I'm a bit obsessed with blue polish at the moment!  I've yet to try this but I'm hoping its not a wishy washy streaky excuse of a polish. This was a mere 65p so if the opacity is good then it's a total bargain. It looks ok when swatched on paper but I'll save judgment for when I try it properly.

So there you have it, my little cheap make up haul. Now I really do need to stop perusing such sites when I'm bored of an evening!


  1. That nail polish is gorgeous! Just to let you know, I've moved my blog over to, as I know you've followed Cherry Gumdrops :) x

    1. I can't wait to try it,and thanks for letting me know