Sunday, 7 October 2012

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

So after my disaster earlier in the week whereby I made a hair mask using banana, avocado, cantaloupe melon and yogurt only to be left with tiny bit of banana stuck in my hair- it looked like I have banana nits, awful! So I ended up washing my hair like fifty billion times which completely defeated the purpose! Was drier than the bloody desert once I'd finished with it! Anyways last night I thought I would use up some of the coconut oil I got from Superdrug last year. At room temp its solid so I gouged it out and  used about 2 teaspoons to cover my hair, only the lower half mind, I didn't want greasy roots! To apply it I simply melted it in between my hands then smoothed it on. My hair looked a mess when I had finished- most trampy, but I tied it up and put on a hair turban and slept with it on. I left it on for a very long time actually, I put it on at about 7 last night and finally got around to rinsing it out at 5 this afternoon! It was worth it though as my hair is feeling lovely and soft, much softer than it has in a while. I shampooed twice to make sure all the oil was out and then slathered on my Tresemme Keratin Smooth hair mask for even more moisture. It didn't actually feel soft straight away but it was so silky by the time I had finished drying it. I'm very impressed! I'll definitely be doing this again, plus my hair now smells gorgeous!Have you ever used coconut oil as a hair treatment? What did you think?

I can't remember how much I paid for this but I know it was very cheap!


  1. Some superdrug own products are little gems! This looks really good, might have to try it! :)

    Sophie - from: ♥

  2. Try TIANA Organic and Fair trade Argan Fresh Coconut TLC. It may be more expensive but it is the only product on the market that combines Coconut Oil and Argan Oil to make the best intensive hair treatment. It containes all the good stuff that
    - prevent hair damage
    - prevent dandruff
    - reduces the appearance of split ends
    - reduce protein (keratin) loss
    - restore damaged, dry and weak hair to make your hair soft, silky and shiny.

    It has a light and wonderful scent that sweeps you off your feet. the product itself leaves your hair looking healthy with that salon finish