Sunday, 21 October 2012

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation

I've been testing this foundation out this week and overall I have mixed feelings towards it. It's a good colour match and it does work at brightening up my skin but I do sometimes find it difficult to blend in. I think it's less to to do with the formulation and more to do with my crappy skin. I need to try to buff away away dry bit before using this and moisturising well. Coverage is decent, not too sheer or heavy, but I do need to use a concealer on any blemishes to make sure they're fully hidden. And I have a lot of blemishes lately! The finish is nice and glowy but I do need to go over my face with a little powder afterwards as throughout the day my skin does tend to get quite oily, especially where I have large pores on my cheeks. Which I always think is quite possibly the worst place to have them! So whilst it isn't perfect, it is one of the better foundations I've tried.

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