Monday, 8 October 2012

I'm have some facts!

I really can't win. I complain when I do have work and I complain when I don't! I've been pretty (well very) bored today and I'm feeling a bit off :( Plus I won't have my car back until tomorrow evening now so will have to lose out on another day's work. Grr. So I thought I would reel off some Laura factoids again. I love reading other peoples as I'm nosey and think it gives a better insight into them as a person rather than just a beauty blogger or whatever.

  1. I'm currently working as a supply teaching assistant with a couple of agencies. I also do playwork in the school holidays. 
  2. I quit teacher training in my 2nd year as I found it to be far far too stressful and I felt too young to be doing it, i.e to be given so much responsibility. Plus didn't help I look young for my age!
  3.  I'm immensely proud of my sister's fiancee after beating his cancer and for battling on with chemo. I've had an awful spring/summer but really in comparison to what he's been through it makes me feel a bit pathetic. But he's always been there to listen to me whinge and give me advice. 
  4. I was a tree in a school play whilst at primary school whilst in the same play my sis got to be a ballerina. Not fair. Brown tights and a green tshirt can't compete against a tutu. 
  5. My dream dinner party guests would be Ray Mears, Tim Wonnacott, Dale Winton and that guy from Strictly who does the music, love his little face when Brucey thanks him, haha. Yeah...
  6. My first hamster was a dwarf one called Tiddy. Who I then preceded to accidentally stand on and kill :,(  I was heartbroken and we buried the poor mite in a fruit pastille tin. 
  7. In high school I used to play viola and do gymnastics but they all fell to the wayside. Too lazy. But I thought my leotard was rather snazzy.
  8. I used to love wearing Buff's in upper primary. I thought they were the mutts nuts. Even though someone said I looked like a pirate.
  9. My first valentine card was from a boy called Dale and I remember it had an ape on it saying 'Can you handle it?'. Again this is upper primary. I probably thought I was going to marry him. 
  10. The most boring job I have ever had was working as a Christmas casual at Royal Mail. Hand stamping=tedious. 
  11. My favourite cocktail is a Cosmopolitan. Even though I always manage to spill them. Can't beat a Long Island Iced Tea either!
  12. I once dreamt I was being posted through a letter box. Reality was I was falling out of bed whilst in a sleeping bag. 
  13. It annoys me when people don't change the toilet roll and just leave the new one chillin on top. That take laziness to a new level, even by my standards. 
  14. When I lived in Bangor for uni I spent two years living next door to a weirdo man called Brian and his dog Bingo. Who also set his house on fire. Scary times but I remember there was a fit fireman with a lovely smile and we got to miss out on a boring 9am lecture. Swings and roundabouts eh?
  15. Remember than jaffa cake advert? The one where the teacher eats it all then says 'total eclipse!'? I genuinely thought she was saying 'chocolate lips!' For the longest time. True story.
I hope you haven't found that to be boring drivel but it's kept me entertained and prevented me from gnawing off my arm in boredom! 

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