Saturday, 6 October 2012

Garnier Hand Cream and Moarrrr Polish!!

I've been trialing the Garnier Intensive 7 days hand cream now over the past couple of weeks and so far I like it, but I'm not in love with it. The cream has a fairly thick texture and I do find it takes a little while to soak in- longer than I would really like, but then I am quite impatient. Also it does depend on how much you put on but I sometimes don't think and end up slathering it on! It is also strongly scented which some days I find is a bit much for me. I wouldn't mind so much if it actually smelt like mango, as it does contain mango oil, but it doesn't- just more of a perfumey smell. I also find it to leave a bit of a film but I suppose that's to be expected as it does claim to be resistant to one wash. Which it does do and is a good thing, especially now the weather is getting colder which tends to wreaks havoc on my hands. Hoping they won't get as bad as they did last year when I worked in the nursery, they shouldn't though as I'm using less alcohol gel and not washing my hands as much. If they do get to a sore state then I'd don't think I'd use this though just because of the strong scent-wouldn't want it irritating my hands. It should prevent it happening though at least! This cream was also very good value, think it was less that £2 from Saver's so a bit of a bargain for a good brand. So all in all I reckon it's worth a go if you wash your hands a lot and if your hands aren't in such a bad states that they are cracked etc.

This week I also got my Models Own package! I was planning on being good and not getting any more polishes but when I heard of the 50% off sale the devil on my shoulder got the better of me! Plus I didn't have any Models Own in my collection...I got 5 in the end so it should have cost me £25 but I only paid £12.50. I say 'only' haha that's still a lot of money on polish! Here are the shades I got.

From left to right there's Purple Poppy, Beth's Blue, Soda Shop Pink, Lemon Meringue and Jade Stone. They are all gorgeous but I am particularly pleased with Beth's Blue, it's so so lovely! I suppose these are more Spring/ Summer shades but it's boring to stick to the seasons sometimes! I can't wait to try all these out-I've swatched them already and am very impressed with the quality though they do seem to smell a bit different to my other ones, though that could just be me being strange! Did you get lured in by this sale too? If so what shades did you get? :)

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