Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cosmetics 4 Less Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap

Internet shopping is very dangerous when I'm bored! I bought all of this on impulse and truthfully most of it isn't even that good. I did know it would be a gamble though and I specifically chose bits from the cheapy ranges that I've never tried before. My expectations really weren't high to begin with. You do generally get what you pay for!
I got two eyeshadow palettes. One from Constance Carroll and the other from La Femme. The 'CCUK' (how cool...) one is pretty poor pigmentation wise and they are very soft and dusty. Even with a primer underneath they hardly show up. At a push the middle shade is the strongest and I could use it for a sheer wash of colour...But I probably won't. Grr I don't even have a younger family member I can foist it on!  Now the La Femme 'Domino' palette is much much better and is the star item in my cheapo haul. These shadows are really pigmented, even without a primer, and are buttery soft. This one is in the shade 06 and whilst I probably have copies of them all somewhere in my collection they are really pretty and wearable. This would be perfect to take away if I ever went anywhere! Only downside is that they are scented- you that powdery old lady type smell a lot of cheap makeup has. I've not actually tested these on my eyes yet so I hope they don't end up being irritating. If they don't I will be tempted to have a look at the other colour variations. I think they stock this brand at my local market so I'll look there first to cut out p&p.

La Femme Domino Eyeshadow Palette-£2.25 CCUK Trio Eyeshadow- Shade 78 - 99p
Over primer they are really intense. Impressive for the price!

I also picked up a few lipsticks- big mistake!  These are pretty pants. They are all fairly waxy and hard with a frosty finish.Not too keen on the colours either, especially the pale pink one. Reminds of when I was a tween and loved 17's 'Sweet Sizzle' frosty pale pink lippy!

La Femme shade 3- Vanilla-99p, Coco Lipstick-Pretty Pink Becomes Dehli Pink (no I don't get the name either)- 75p. La Femme shade 35- Be-Gone-99p
La Femme shade 35 Be-Gone (3rd stripe) is my fave out of a bad bunch. It at least has the virtue of being much softer.

As always I was tempted by the nail polish and got two glitter ones. One has pink hearts and the other has silver stars. Both are suspended in a slightly sparkly clear base. I've not tried these yet but I'd imagine it will take a fair amount of dabbing to get them onto the nail!

Both 99p

So yeah.. not very successful on the whole! But hey, least now I know! I also used a 10% discount code- FACEBOOK30. Have you tried any of the cheapy stuff and been pleasantly surprised? Or has it lived up to your low expectations!

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