Monday, 12 November 2012

Lots of Books!

Lately I have started to read again after not reading anything but magazines for ages! I go through phases and it would seem I'm feeling bookish again. Last night I finished a mystery novel that I got a little while ago from a discount book store. I think it only cost a pound or something, and for the price it was really quite good! Stanley Hastings, a private detective, is on a hiking holiday at a little inn in New England when a murder takes place during dinner one night-then it all escalates from there!  Though I do feel that it got a bit lost towards the end and wasn't as strong as it could have been. I was hoping for a good twist but I didn't really get it. Ah well! Up until then at least I did really enjoy it! I've just ordered another Parnell Hall book from Amazon, another 'Stanley Hastings' one called 'Hitman' so hoping that will have a more satisfactory ending!

I've also got another private detective book lined up-The Spellmans Strike Again. I think this is no 4 in the series, in any case I really enjoyed the previous ones and can't wait  to get stuck in it. Lisa Lutz has got an excellent writing style and the characters are all well developed and interesting. These are the books I have to thank for wanting to be a P.I! But I do genuinely think it is possibly my calling in life :-p 
I also have the sequel to 'It happened in Paris' which I read last year. I've been waiting for this for what feel like an age! It's fun and rather fluffy but hey, it's good easy to read escapism! Though it does make me a bit jealous that I don't have a love life at the moment!

I also need to read these ones which I got earlier in the summer. Anything to do with sweets I love so I have high hopes for Sweet Shop of Dreams! I've also read a few Jill Mansell books before and enjoyed them so I'm sure this one will be just as good. I'm definitely well stocked for the foreseeable future!

Been reading anything good of late yourselves?

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