Saturday, 10 November 2012

Some Recent Purchases...

I went to Birmingham yesterday with my dad for a little day out and I had a lovely time. We went to the museum and gallery and of course had a mooch around the Bullring. I also had to stop by Cybercandy again. It was essential! I bought a few things from Superdrug (as always!) as it was 3 for 2. Firstly I picked up a Fashionista eyeshadow in School Days, a gorgeous almost taupey grey. I always go to this stand first as it's not available in my local ones. I was really tempted to make a palette up but for one I was dragging my dad around and probably boring him to pieces and secondly I really do need to stop spending so much! I also checked out the Famous by Sue Moxley stand and got a First Date Blush in the shade Keira. I picked this one up as I already have quite a few pinks but no peachier colours. This one also has some subtle golden shimmer in it. Swatched it looks a bit scary (though I did load it on!) but applied more sparingly I'm hoping it will be very wearable and make a nice change! Lastly I picked up a Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara as I'm going to have to chuck a fair few soon due to them being older than I realised! Fingers crossed this will be a good one, I've never tried any Loreal mascaras before so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Pa with The Lady Of Shallot. I love this painting and was much bigger in real life than I thought it would be!

Blusher-£4.99 Eyeshadow-£4.00 (but was free here) Mascara- £10.99
Oo that eyeshadow matches the floor perfectly. 

My Cybercandy haul. I could spend forever in there! Sorry everything is opened I couldn't wait and I had to keep myself occupied in some way on the train back! Really looking forward to the Tootsie Roll-they're yum!

I've also got a new Ojon shampoo and conditioner thanks to my dad who went and traded in an empty shampoo bottle for me on Thursday. I'm so glad I got them as I've heard that some places sold out stupidly fast! But bless my pa and his early bird nature! Together they're meant to cost £41.50 so I'm pretty chuffed. I'll tell you more once I've tried them out.

A bit random but I also thought I'd include these slippers I got from Primark. They're too cute and I love this kind - I always stock up around this time. Plus at £1.50 you can't go wrong!

Have you tried any of my new stuffs? I'd love to read your opinions!


  1. Gah I almost got a job at orjon! I love their stuff so many great reviews :) Wish I'd of been quick enough to snap those up :)

    Jazz x

    1. Aw did you, wonder if you could of had freebies! I loved the rareblend oil (least I think it was that) sample I got so I have high hopes for these!

  2. I'm so jealous of all those sweets! xx