Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rimmel Grey Matter and Color Club Magic Attraction

Here is my take on bonfire night nails! Last night I knew I wanted to use my new Color Club polish but I wasn't sure what colour to use underneath. Then I remembered that I still hadn't used Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Grey Matter even though I bought it absolutely ages ago. I thought it would also give a nice smoky effect-in keeping with the theme! I loved the nail shaped brush on the Rimmel polish as it made application so easy. It claims to be a one coater but I felt I needed two for full opacity. It did indeed dry quickly, though I'm sure it was more than a minute! I then added two coats of this gorgeous gorgeous holographic glitter polish. The name isn't on the bottle but after doing a bit of research on Google I think it is Magic Attraction. Feel free to correct me! In any case it's jammed packed full of glitter and gave good coverage in just one coat. I didn't need to dab it on like some glitters, if you know what I mean! I'm really tempted to add another layer of the loveliness just because it's so pretty, but I'll try and resist as it's already not very work appropriate.

Sorry the pics are a bit blurry! But I love this combo and can't wait to use the glitter over another colour-maybe black or dark blue. Endless possibilities! What do you think?

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