Monday, 26 November 2012

The Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Butter

I got this last year on offer and have been waiting for Autumn and Winter to come rolling around again to use it up. Of course you can use it all year round, and I have dipped in and out of it in the summer too, but the scent is very festive and seasonal. I like that it's not overly sweet or sickly. Rather it's spicey and 'zippy' for want of a much much better word! I also find it a comforting smell and like to use it before bed. I find butters a bit rich to use all over so I usually just stick to my arms and my lower legs. Lately I've also been using it on my hands too, really slathering it on actually, as a sort of overnight treatment. It's been redesigned this year I believe, it's now called Ginger Sparkle, but the scent is still the same. I tried out the Ginger Sparkle hand cream in-store today and it's just like the body butter only less rich. Tempted to get it though as a big body butter tub isn't exactly handbag friendly!

The range now also includes a body polish, a hand lotion as well as cream, bath crystals, shimmer body lotion, lip balm, shower gel and home fragrance. I want loads of it! I think I'll wait until after xmas though as it's all bound to be on sale.


  1. The Ginger Sparkle hand cream is lovely! I got it for just £1 which makes it even better - definitely moisturises well and smells yummy x

    1. wow bargain! i'm really hoping it'll end up on offer for after I've finished the body butter