Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lip Balm Collection

Feels like I haven't blogged in ages so I thought I would finally get a post up today. I've had a very tiring week at work and have generally been feeling a bit papoo. I've been working at playscheme this week over half term and it was so so cold! Being outside in the rain and coldness all day really wasn't the best at times! My lips have taken a battering so I thought it would be a good time to go through my balm collection. I've separated them into sticks and tubs and I'll give a mini review of each one. 

Nerds and Laffy Taffy lip balm- I got these in a set from Poundland, and here you really are getting what you pay for. They feel a bit waxy and just sort of sit on the lips. Whilst they are not very nourishing they should work as a barrier at least to help prevent your lips from drying out. They smell sort of cheap also, quite sweet but nondescript!

Crazy Rumors Apple Spice lip balm- I only got this one a few days ago from Supersmoocher for £2.73 but I'm sort of on the fence about it. I love the texture but I'm not sure I like the scent. It's very strong and there's no denying it's apple spice that's for sure! I also love that it's cruelty free and vegan. It contains organic jojoba oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic shea butter. The rest of the ingredients are also natural, in fact it claims to be 100% natural which is great. I may have to get a few more flavours...

Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm- Again this is 100% natural and I love it. It has quite a firm texture so it stays put on the lips for quite a long time. I also really like the mintyness. It's addictive!You can't really go wrong with this balm- a firm favourite!

Jason Lips Bee Healthier Aloe and Beeswax lip balm- I got this in the latest JolieBox and firstly I have to say it smells lovely- just like After Eight mints. Another natural product, this one is also 70% organic and very affordable at £1.99. This balm feels very moisturising and though it can feel a bit hard initially it soon warms up on contact.

Pilsbury Sugar Cookies lip balm- This was an impulse buy for the novelty flavour but it's actually a really nice balm. The scent is yummy and like the Burt's Bees one it stays on my lips well without leaving too much of a glossy finish so it's great under lipsticks.

Hurraw! Grapefruit lip balm- I got this one ages ago now from Supersmoocher. Again it's natural, organic and vegan. This balm feels more oily than my other ones and leaves a high shine finish. I do wish it smelt more zingy but it's nice enough. I also have a tinted black cherry one which leaves a lovely red sheen.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser- Now I'm really not that keen on this one. It doesn't seem to do anything for me and I don't like the texture or the fact it leaves my lips white. No good for when I'm out and about. It doesn't seem to sink in and feel too 'wet' for want of a better word!

Balmi Strawberry lip balm- I do like this but it's nothing that special. I like how it's domed and the smell but I see it more as a barrier product.

Vaseline/The Little Green Tin- I never use these but they are just handy to have with their multitude of uses. I much prefer stick balms and ones that are natural.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer lip balm- I got this purely because of the scent! It smells so delicious! I've only used this a few times but the shimmer gives lips a pretty finish. It's not massively nourishing but I like having it just to sniff! Haha- weirdo!

MUA Sweet Kiss lip balm- My lips are never in good enough condition to use this. On me it seems to highlight any dry bits and flakes which is very annoying as I do want to get more use out of it. I'm not that keen on the fake vanilla scent but it doesn't really linger.

Bloom Lip Butter in Like A Prayer- I wasn't sure whether to include this as it's fairly pigmented but I used it yesterday to give myself a subtle nude-ish lip and I loved it. It's very creamy and had pretty good staying power. You can read more about it here.

Lush Whip Stick- I love love love this.I adore the chocolate orange scent and  the first ingredient is oat milk so it's very soothing. Read more about it here.

Marshmallow Blends White Chocolate and Honey lip balm (silver heart tin)- This is a more oily balm, akin to the Hurraw! one. I love to layer this over Whip Stick at night time. You get a lot of product so this will last me for absolutely ages! The scent is lovely and for a hand made product I think it is very good. I first mentioned this balm here.

So there you have it! I really do not need any more balms but I can't help myself from buying them! Do you have any recommendations? Have you tried any of these? I'd love to hear your opinions! :-)


  1. Really pleased you posted this I've had my eye on the Crazy Rumours lip balms for a while now, and it's great to hear the formulas upto scratch!

    1. It's really nice but I'm tempted to get a flavour I might like a little better! It's free delivery though so it's pretty reasonable..haha just trying to justify it now!