Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fragrance Direct Let Down!

So I recently made a small order with Fragrance Direct and purchased a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Hollywood Red as well as a MNY blush. The blush is great and I have no complaints. The same can't be said for the lipstick. This lipstick is truly awful and cannot be genuine! Firstly it smells disgusting! Like really strong, cheap crayons. Only ten times worse. The texture is also a joke. I tried to swatch it but it is so sticky and really pulled at my skin. No way am I putting this near my lips. I have another Color Sensational lipstick that I got from Boots, which I love, and this one is nothing like it. The real one smells sweet and has a gorgeous smooth texture that just glides on. The real one, as my new one must be a fake, I can't accept that it isn't, costs about £7 and this one cost me just £1.99. Really I should have thought it was too good to be true but I've bought products from the site before and never been let down. Plus they even claim that their stock is genuine in the FAQ's. This has to be bull. I'm going to write an email of complaint and hopefully get a refund. I know it's only £1.99 but that's not the point. 
Just tried to wash the swatches off and jeeeez! Now not only do I have a headache from the noxious smell but my hand has been scrubbed red raw. Had to use washing up liquid and it's still stained! I have no idea what this is but is shockingly bad and rather worrying! The packaging looks the same, as you can see but the product is worlds apart.

Left: Real one Right: Fake!
Fake Hollywood Red, Real Pink Brown. The effort that went into getting that swatch was unreal! So waxy and draggy.
Testing out the amazing stickiness!
Nicely gummed up after swatching.

Such a massive disappointing. Now I'm off to write my email and have a good rant! Have you ever had any duds from Fragrance Direct? I'm definitely going to be more cautious now in future!

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  1. I've just bought Hollywood Red from fragrance direct and mine is the exact same! It tastes like crayons and doesn't swatch at all without having to drag it. Doing some research it seems as if they just sell old products for cheap so the lipstick probably has gone off or something. I'm going to buy the real one as soon as I can :)