Sunday, 29 September 2013

Home Bargains bargains!

Oo I do love a mooch around Home Bargains, and seeing as I only live about ten mins from one I'm there quite frequently! Yesterday I went with my boyfriend after he had taken me out for a lovely lunch. If you live anywhere near Oswestry then I'd really recommend Wednesdays Cafe Bar. The sundried tomato and mozzarella panini I had was yum!  Anyways, back to Home Bargains,  I ended up getting 2 packs of Kleenex shine absorbing sheet as they were just 29p each. What a steal! These are always handy to have in my bag as my face often feels like it's melting off during a busy day! I also bought these cute animal containers. They were in the food storage section but I'll probably use them to keep all my beauty bits and bobs in. I think these were £1.99.

 Now one of my favourite parts of the shop is the sweet aisle as nearly everything is super cheap and you often come across brands you've never heard of before! I got a Frank Honest Snacking blueberry and chocolate snack bar for a mere 10p- just to try it out! The packaging says it's 100% natural, gluten, nut and dairy free as well as being a source of protein. I don't have any intolerances or allergies but I was intrigued all the same, plus it seems healthier than the average choccy bar. Speaking of which, I also got a Polish chocolate bar with banana filling. I love all things banana flavoured so I'm hoping this is nice and not like the crappy banana chocolate I tried in Romania!

I went to Home Bargains again today with my mum after we had been to a car booty (tat galore!) and this time I found a Little White Lie exfoliator for £1.49 which is currently retailing on the brands website for £7.50. It's intended to be used before applying fake tan  but as I hate the stuff  I'll just be using it to smooth my skin out. It contains argan oil as well as sweet almond oil and walnut shell granules. I've tried it out on the back of my hand and whilst it's not as scrubby as my St Ives one it's still fairly gritty and should be good for more frequent use.

Oh and whilst I was shopping with my boyfriend we made a visit to the best sweet shop ever! Mollies! I love it in there as it has the biggest selection of pick & mix sweets I've ever seen. It also has a really good American sweet section and they do slushes and ice creams as well. I adore blue raspberry slushes! It's pretty much heaven for a sugar addict like myself!

So that's what I've bought this weekend- all very bargainous I'd hope you'd agree :)


  1. The storage boxes are so cute! And yum pick'n'mix ^_^

  2. :O 29p for the blotting sheets? Why, oh why, have I not got a Home Bargains near me? x

    1. I know such a bargain! I might go and pick up some more tomorrow if they haven't already gone. Aw that's rubbish-everyone should have access to one haha!

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