Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pantene 2min Deep Smoothening Masque

I got this hair mask or 'masque' from Poundland quite a while back now but I've only recently started using it. It's not been open long but I've nearly finished it as my hair is so dry and crapola lately- I've been drenching it in the stuff! I've also only recently found out that Pantene isn't cruelty free which is disappointing as it works really well and leaves my hair feeling much softer. I think I will be paying more attention to the products I buy from now on, and I'm sure I'll be able to find a cruelty free alternative that is just as good. In any case if you are interested it has a good texture in that is it neither too runny or thick and has a fresh, clean scent. I do like the typical Pantene smell! It's also easy to rinse out and doesn't weigh my hair down. It works well at helping to detangle my hair but, like I said, my hair is a bit of a mess at the moment and it can only do so much! For a pound though overall it's been good. 

What hair masks would you recommend? 

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