Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wet n Wild Coloricon Nail Polish

Hi! Yet again I've left it weeks and weeks without posting anything! As usual it's because I've been a busy bee and unfortunately blogging has had to take a back seat. I still read blogs every day but when it comes to doing my own I just can't seem to get motivated! I thought I would do an easy polish post to ease myself back into writing but frankly these polishes has made me feel right naggy! They were so hard to capture on camera- my pics definitely don't do them justice.
Anyways, the polishes in question are two Wet n Wild Coloricon polishes in 'Speak When Spoken To' and 'Bow In My Presence'. Cool names you have to agree! These were a complete impulse buy from Cosmetics Fairy but at just 99p each I thought they were worth a try, especially after looking at swatches online. The blog 'Scrangie' has great swatches- much better than what I can give! Check them out here.  Although my pictures give the impression I have picked up two of the same they do actually have their differences. 'Speak When Spoken To' has a more purple tone and 'Bow In My Presence' is a little more greeny blue. My pic shows just two coats of each but I have tried them over a black polish and that is when they really come to life! So pretty! These also apply really well and dry super fast. The polish is glitter packed so there is no need to dab it on! I haven't used a topcoat but I do think they would benefit from the glossiness.
Overall I'm very pleased with these and love how they remind me of fairy dust!

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