Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Fashion Tag

I saw this tag over at The Style Khaleesi and thought I'd do it too as I seem to be in a tag post mood lately! Feel free to do it too :) 

What are your favourite stores to shop for clothes?
I really like H&M, Primark and sometimes New Look. 

What are your favourite stores to shop for accessories? 
I love Accessorize as there is always something in there for me to lust over! I always find a bag I like but they tend to be quite pricey! 

What are your favourite stores to shop for shoes? 
I get a lot of shoes from Primark but the quality isn't great a lot of the time. A lot of the flats I've gotten from there lately for work have just fallen apart! I also like Schuh as well as Sports Direct for trainers. 

What are your favourite trends at the moment? 
I am the least trendy person ever! I like what I like and I won't wear stuff just because it's the 'in' thing. I do like all the rich, autumnal shades that are in the shops now though, especially burgundy. 

What are some fashion trends you loathe? 
I really didn't like all the cropped stuff around this summer as well as the shorts that were basically denim knickers! 

Are you a jewellery person? Which do you prefer:bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces? 
I never really wear rings or earrings so I'd have to say bracelets and necklaces. To be honest I rarely wear any jewellery as I haven't got much of it and I tend to forget in the first place! My favourite and most special piece is probably my silver Georg Jensen daisy necklace that my dad got me. 

Name a few items at the top of your fashion wish list at the moment.
I'd love a new winter coat as well as some new boots. I also really want some new converse but have made do with some Primark ones. Oo and I've seen a gorgeous bag at River Island! 

Most expensive item you own in your warbrobe? 
Nothing is very expensive in my wardrobe at all- it's mostly Primark!  I'd have to say my coat from Next as I think that set me back about £60. I don't really have the money to spend on pricey clothes and shoes, though I wish I could splash the cash on something really luxurious! 

How much do you typically spend on fashion? (Are you a huge splurger or a thrifty shopper?) 
Thrifty mostly out of necessity  Though I did spend a fair bit recently on a load of new work clothes. The individual items were fairly cheap but it all added up! 

List 5 wardrobe essentials that you feel every girl should possess.
A good pair of jeans (in whatever style you feel flatters you most-I'm very un-trendy as I said and favour bootcut!), a black vest top, a LBD, a pair of good quality boots and a hoodie for slobbing about in! 

What is your favourite season, in terms of fashion? 
Probably Autumn/Winter. Like I've said previously I find dressing for warmer weather stressful! I just love jeans, boots and hoodies/cardigans! 

What would you say your style is typically like? 
A bit boring really! I tend to stick to basics that I feel comfortable in and I'm nearly always very casual. I love having the opportunity to dress up though-shame it doesn't happen very often. I can't walk in heels to save my life so maybe that's a good thing! 

What is your go-to outfit for lazy/comfy/ casual days when you just feel like throwing something on?
Every day is like this for me really. I tend to just stick on jeans and a t shirt or vest. 

Do you have any influential style icons? 

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment, or just some nail polish colours/brands you love? 
I have so many polishes that I can't really pick a favourite. If I had to though I suppose I'd say my Models Own polish in Purple Poppy as it goes on so well and always cheers me up. Plus it reminds me of one of the first dates I had with my boyfriend. 

What is your favourite fragrance? 
I like Narciso Rodriguez For Her, The Body Shop Brazil Nut body mist, So...? Kiss Me and Kenzo Madly.  
I'm a bit uncool and I like a few of the Impulse body sprays too! 

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