Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bad Kitteh!

So I may or may not have bought a few pieces this weekend...when I said I wouldn't! I should really find other ways of cheering myself up, it's quite pathetic really! Again though the stuff I bought wasn't really that expensive. And in fairness I did win a whole £6.20 on the Euromillions. The Elf order however wasn't that cheap but it's hard to say no to the 50% sale. £30 worth of stuff for £15 isn't that bad!  Right, time to stop justifying my purchases. It's boring and they're already in my mitts!

My Elf order finally came on Saturday and overall I'm pleased with what I've got. The quality and pigmentation could be better for some of the eyeshadows but for the price they can't be sniffed at. Here is what I gots.

Can never have too many wipes. Just read the back though and says to rinse off with warm water and towel dry. What! When I'm crashing like a naggy sleep deprived 2 year old face first into their soup (yes, just like that) this extra step will not be appreciated!

This will be my first foray into eyelash curlers. My lashes are very stubby and not particularly girly so could do with the help. They also came with an extra pad thing. I can't really vouch for the quality, I wouldn't know a good pair from a hole in the ground, but they don't feel like they've come from a cracker so fingers crossed.

Some cheapy eyeshadows to have a play with here. I got the little quad in Brownstone and the custom singles in Moondust, Sage, Wheat and Driftwood along with a compact complete with the standard crappy sponge applicator/lip thing. These are all very soft and crumbly. The palest two colours in Brownstown are also lacking in pigmentation and are really hard to transfer to the skin. I did the swatches for those on my finger tips as the paler ones just wouldn't show up on the back of my hand! Hopefully with a primer they may fare a little better.

From the top-Moondust, Sage, Wheat and Driftwood. Moondust was not what I was expecting- I thought it would be much lighter and cooler in tone. Hope it doesn't make my eyes look sore! Sage is my fave I think having a sort of antique gold tone to it. All the shades have some shimmer to them too.

Brownstone- that first peachy shade is ridiculously soft and made such a mess in the pan- it looks pigmented here but just goes dusty and vanishes when you try to apply it. Like I said though maybe with a sticky base it will be ok.

I also got a lip stain in Heartbreaker, a mineral lipstick in Nicely Nude, a mineral lip tint in Blush and a mineral mascara. The nude lipstick looks really wearable and not too pale. My lips are quite pigmented so I just don't suit super pale lippies. The peachy stain looks pretty too and would look good with smoky eyes. I'm a mascara slut at the moment so can't wait to try this one. The brush looks nice and narrow, with spiky rubbery bristles, so hopefully I will find it easy to work with. Hate huge brushes!

From top-Heartbreaker, Nicely Nude, Blush

I also had a look in a TK Maxx that I don't often visit and came across this set of Color Club polishes. The shades are so vibrant and fun and for £5.99, a bargain.

I've had a look online and I think these are from the Take Wing Summer 2012 collection. If I'm right then the colours are Metamorphosis, Wing Fling, Sky High and Fly With Me. Green is not usually a favourite but I can't wait to try the lime one in this set, closely followed by the pink!

I also picked up a few things at The Works. Just because.

I went to Budapest after I'd been to Romania and I'd love to go there again!

I also got a 'Rainforest in my pocket' to appease my inner child. I got Rikki the Ocelot.Would have prefered Floss the Sugar Glider but heyho. I really did think an ocelot was a lizard or something but turns out I'd gotten confused with an axolotl. Which I want! And is also not a lizard but an amphibian... Hehe they looks so blancmangey!


  1. Love the Haul! Some great things i love in there!

    1. Going to wear the mineral lipstick tommorow I think :) and there were loads of color club polishes, was so hard to choose just one set!