Monday, 23 July 2012

Pantene Pro-V Colour Seal Concentrate

I got this a while back from Pound World. I'm really enjoying hair masks at the moment, plus my hair is drier now I've had it dyed again. I'm actually wanting to go lighter-it's quite golden at the moment but I still think it looks a bit blah and lacking some zing! A possibility for the future then!
The tube describes it as a intense colour protecting treatment which you leave on for 2 mins then rinse. Easy. It's a 58ml tube and I think I've already used just under half with just one use. It is a rich treatment but I do get a bit slap happy with all conditioners! I could have gotten away with less definitely! It smells nice and clean- just that familiar Pantene smell really and did the job well. My hair feels smooth and soft and does look a little shinier and brighter than usual. I do struggle with getting a good shine, even with a shine spray so that's a plus.
I will be looking out for more of this-hoping it's still in stock at the pound shop but sods law it won't be, always the case isn't it!


  1. oh Ive not seen this in Pound World! I love finding wee bargains like this. I love getting hair products, hair care is a must! xox

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    1. They're always really hit or miss aren't they pound shops, but now and then there's some gems to be had amongst the tat haha!