Sunday, 1 July 2012

Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Spa Rescue Treatment

I love a good hair mask and this little beaut is from the 'takeaways' range. Or at least I think it's still part of the range, I never see it in my local Boots anymore and I did get it cheap from Home Bargains so maybe it's being discontinued? I dunno but I really hope not! It works brilliantly. It's only a 50ml tube too, I should have gotten a couple! Especially as it was not much more than a pound if I remember correctly.
Product description is as follows- 'Enriched with marine minerals and conditioning proteins, this spa-inspired treatment helps to restore damaged hair and deeply penetrate for an intensive moisture-boost. With moisturising rice protein and antioxidant white tea to leave hair feeling silky-soft and super-shiny.'
Wow lot of hyphens there.
This treatment left my hair indeed silky-soft and I didn't even leave it in for very long. They suggest 3-4 minutes or longer on the tube and I think next time I'll leave it on for a good while. If it makes my hair feel fab after about a min then I'm hoping half an hour or something will leave it positively silken and smug advert girl glossy. And not like straw as it often is. It also smells lovely, just a clean fresh scent, and it has a great thick texture that isn't hard to rinse out.
If you see this around then I would definitely recommend picking up a few!

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